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Drake Peak Lookout is seated high in the Warner Mountain Range at an elevation of 8,222 feet.  Perched on the end of a ridge, it has nearly 360-degree views and you can take full advantage from the comfort of your bed with windows on every side of the cabin.  Built in 1948 as part of a fire suppression system, the fire lookout is no longer used officially and is now available as a rentable cabin through the Forest Service.

While we were at Aspen Cabin, we drove up to nearby Drake Peak Lookout for a look around.  If you’re interested in renting Drake Peak Lookout, here are some photos and a video that we took in July 2013.

Drake's Peak Lookout - rent a lookout in Oregon

Drake Peak Lookout is situated on a ridgetop with almost 360 degree views.

Drake's Peak Lookout - rent this lookout from the Forest Service

With windows on every side, the sunrises would be amazing to wake up to. And star-gazing from bed is an unforgettable experience.

The cabin looks abandoned, but it’s truly well-kept.  We saw the previous tenant leaving and there was a Forest Service worker in the parking lot actually doing fire lookout.

Inside of Drake Peak Lookout

The inside of Drake's Peak Lookout
We weren’t able to go inside, so we only took photos from the outside.


The inside of Drake Peak Lookout
The cot in the right corner is the same as what we had in Aspen Cabin.  Comfortable enough, but bring your sleeping bag!


If you like geocaching, be sure to save some cache data before you go!  I found a fully-stocked cache in the trees.  Drake Peak Lookout is tiny but adorable, and while we didn’t stay there (we were at the bottom of the mountain at nearby Aspen Cabin) I’m sure that stays there are just as memorable as other lookouts we’ve stayed in.


How to rent Drake Peak Lookout

Drake Peak is reservable through Recreation.gov.  Be sure too book early, because bookings start 6 months in advance and lookouts in Oregon tend to book quickly.  We usually shoot for February or March, and I often get up early the day that our bookings start.


Drake Peak doesn’t have any amenities on site.  Water is available at a campground at the bottom of the mountain, and the town of Lakeview is just a few miles away.  Pack-in and pack-out everything, including trash and water.


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