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The trail to Trestle Creek Falls is relatively hard and not wheelchair or stroller accessible, it contains several places of moderate danger. However, the trail is easy enough for kids with good supervision. I am 13 years old and I was able to help one of my brothers up to the falls and back down to the trail head.

The Trail

We started down the path to the falls, it was smooth for a while with only a few rocks and roots here and there. We hiked on until we came upon a spot where the trail was one person wide enough to walk between a log and a drop off. I traversed carefully through with little problem, even though it was quite slippery. After everybody had managed to pass this dangerous spot we started once again towards the falls. After a bit of hiking a bridge came into view. The bridge was over a small creek that ran down to the main river. A couple trails led off down to the creek and river. I walked down one small trail that led to the main river. My friend and dad were standing on a rock platform, I tripped over my friends foot and fell onto the rock.  After I recovered from my fall and made sure I was okay, I looked over the edge to see a small narrow swimming hole.

Deep blue water in Brice Creek near Trestle Creek

The water fell from a rock only a few feet over the water’s surface, the water was extremely clear and very deep. We climbed back up onto the bridge and continued on, after a little while we came upon a sign that said the trail was “More difficult” than the trail had been before.

Directional sign on Brice Creek trail leading to Trestle Creek Falls

It consisted of several fallen trees that we either had to go under or over, each one was easy enough for everybody to make it past safely. The trail led along a small canyon with many fallen trees, it was fascinating to look at. We rounded a corner and saw a slight glimpse of the waterfall over a tree that had fallen on the path. I was a little ways ahead of the rest of the group. I restrained myself from going too fast and running to the waterfall. When the rest of the group caught up I was able to strip off my shoes and socks. I held tight to my camera and climbed one of the trees laying in the basin where the waterfall was.

Trestle Creek Falls

Waterfall Pool

After a bit more climbing of the logs that laid over the ground I came upon the pools of water at the bottom of the waterfall. The waterfall was beautiful, it fell over smooth and shiny rocks that were worn away from years of water, and moss had grown at the edges of the water. The water spread out over the rocks like fingers and pooled at the bottom. Water streamed out under the rocks, the running water was perfect for my young brothers to throw rocks into… and a few shoes. The pool beneath the waterfall was about 5 or 6 feet at its deepest. I waded in over my knees and took some pictures.

Pool under Trestle Creek Falls

One fallen log stretched from in the middle of the waterfall to the pools of water underneath. I laid on one of the logs and looked up, The waterfall was placed in a crevice that split open a basin with large boulders above. The waterfall overall was gorgeous and a fantastic thing to see, the trail also had many beautiful views and sights along the way. All together it was wonderful experience that I would, any day, like to experience again.


I’m 13 years old and I got my camera last year for Christmas, so far I’ve been taking pictures for almost exactly a year. Usually I take pictures of nature, my siblings, or whatever seems interesting. I would love to eventually take session pictures and portrait pictures. I love writing and have so far, written one blog post, “A Small Perspective on a World with Endless Magic.” I love traveling, adventuring, and exploring the different places we go to. I love taking pictures of the different things we find on our adventures, along with my goal of becoming someone who does session pictures I would also love to become a better travel photographer.


  1. August 2, 2018 / 5:19 pm
    That is terrific! I wish I could go there. I know Oregon is beautiful. --Warren, from Alabama
  2. August 2, 2018 / 8:29 pm
    Fantastic writing! Great description of a beautiful place. You put me there with you.
  3. Terry
    August 3, 2018 / 5:43 am
    She writes like her mom and G-ma. Great job and the pictures are wonderful. Thanks for taking us along on your trip.

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