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Reusable Litter Bag & Wet Bag

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As a family, leaving a trailhead “better than we found it” is our thing.  It’s become our motto, and everyone participates.  Until recently, it was as simple as tucking a plastic grocery sack into my pocket, but now that plastic bags are banned in Oregon…how do you pick up litter without actually carrying it?  I thought of buying ziplock bags, but then I’m still contributing to overall waste.

Litter Bags fold up small and weigh about 1 oz.  They are 9″ x 13″ with a zipper closure and an elastic loop.  They fit easily into a pocket.  Simply empty, wash, and reuse!

Photo Caption:  One of our kids found an old grocery bag at the bottom of Fall Creek Lake. Normally under water, this bag clearly spent some time floating among the fish before drying into a stinking pile of plastic. (And yes, we picked it up!)

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Enter in the 100% washable and reusable wet bag.  First popularized in the cloth diapering community, these bags have become synonymous with low-waste, eco-friendly living.  But they’re also super handy to have!  We have dozens of wet bags, first for cloth diapering our children, but now used for everything from muddy shoes after a hike, to wet clothing from the kid who sat in the mud puddle, to litter cleanup.

Litter bags, or wet bags, are made from TPU, a lightweight, waterproof fabric.  They are machine washable and can be dried in the dryer.  You can also rinse and hang to dry.

10 uses for a wet bag (but there are a zillion more!):

  1. Clean up litter on trails
  2. Wet, muddy shoes after a hike
  3. Wet clothing
  4. Swimsuits & towels
  5. Workout clothing
  6. Cloth diapers
  7. Organize toys
  8. picnic blanket storage
  9. Baby carrier storage
  10. Trash bag for car


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