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The long, rainy days of Oregon’s Willamette Valley can make anyone stir crazy, and sometimes we need to get outside for some fresh air.  But mud, not so much.   We often choose to visit Jasper State Recreation Site, just minutes from Springfield and stroller-friendly.

Jasper State Recreation Site - perfect for a winter walk with kids.

Jasper State Recreation Site (I’ll just call it Jasper Park after this) is closed from Sept 1 until May 1, but there’s a small parking area outside the gate and you’re welcome to park there and walk in.  There’s no cost while the park is closed, but there are also no amenities such as bathrooms.  During the summer, when the park is open, there is a parking fee, but all amenities are operational.

Winter walk with kids along river - Jasper State Park

We started along the river. The kids were entranced by the water…that is, until they spotted a playground in the distance.

Playground at Jasper State Park - winter walk with kids

The kids all ran for the playground. They had it all to themselves since they were the only kids in the entire park.

After the playground, we loaded up the stroller again and headed deeper into the park.  The roads in Jasper State Park are all paved, so it’s friendly for strollers.  It’s also a dog-friendly park; they even have a fenced-in dog park!  We don’t have a dog ourselves, but we did see several people walking dogs.

Cool tree at Jasper State Recreation Site.

I instantly fell in love with this awesome tree. Someday that hole will close, but for now we marveled at the slot formed when two tree trunks merged into one as the tree grew.

Jasper State Park has four picnic shelters, all of which are reservable.  Shelter #4 is the biggest, but Shelter #2 is the prettiest, next to the river.

Picnic Shelter #4 at Jasper State Park - family winter walk with kids

Shelter #4 is the largest shelter at Jasper State Recreation Site. Parking is close and I believe it’s handicap accessible.

Shelter 2 at Jasper State Park.

Shelter #2 faces the river, giving it a beautiful view. Parking is furthest from this shelter, but it does have a swing set nearby.

As we walked along with our kids, we stopped to explore.  My daughter picked up a white leaf and wondered if it was real, so we had a discussion about what happens to leaves in the fall and why they change color.  My son picked up a couple of sticks.  And our baby, in the stroller, reached to touch the leaves of a cedar.

Baby touching leaves on winter walk with kids

Pretty view of the river in Jasper State Park

We plan to return this summer and bring a picnic. These tables (and most others in the park) overlook the river with a gorgeous view.

Jasper State Recreational Site is perfect for a winter walk with kids.  It’s safe, wide open, stroller-friendly, and has a playground.  There’s also a set of swings at the far end of the park.  And while you can see the river, it’s easy to stay far enough way to ensure the safety of little ones.


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