5 ways to stay cool when it’s 110 degrees

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Guys, if this isn’t Armageddon, I don’t know what else is.  Our forecast for the next few days ranges from “Phew, it’s hot!” to “OMG, we’re all gonna die.”

My number 1 tip for staying cool is to shut the shades, turn up the AC, and stay home.  But if getting outside is more appealing, then here are a few days to stay cool in Eugene when it’s 110°F outside.

5. Go Caving

If you’re in Oregon and don’t mind driving a little ways, we have several caves that stay cool year-round and are well worth the visit.  The only one I’ve written about so far is Ape Cave in Washington, but we also have Oregon Cave near Cave Junction, Oregon, and several excellent caves in central Oregon.  Most are a lovely 44°F, so pack your jackets.

Oregon Cave in Cave Junction, Oregon. Ways to stay cool in Eugene.

Entrance to Oregon Cave (a post that I promise to finish soon)

4. Head to the Mountains

Waaaaaay up in the mountains.  Visit a lookout, or camp under the stars at elevations high enough to stay cool.  We visited Drake Lookout on a day when it was hot in the valley, but cool and windy up top.

Drake Peak Lookout Cabin

Drake Peak Lookout is both a place to visit and a place to stay. You can rent it via Recreation.gov.

3. Go anywhere with water

Head to the river, a creek, anywhere where you can get in the water.  Leaburg has water you can fish in, but nearby are lots of swimming holes and a place where you can wade.  Stand near the dam and you’ll feel the refreshing mist all day long.

Leaburg Dam

Just looking at this photo makes me feel cooler. Leaburg Dam sprays up a mist that is amazing on hot days.

2. Roast Strawberries

Okay, roasting strawberries won’t make you feel any cooler, but after a couple of these sweet treats, you won’t care.  So delicious.  And once you step back from the campfire, it’s the same thing as being cooler, right?

Roast Strawberries are AH-mazing


1. Go swimming in Fall Creek

Only 1 hour from Eugene, Fall Creek is paradise on hot days.  So many swimming holes that you’re sure to find a great one.  Or join the crowd under the bridge, there’s plenty of space.

Fall Creek near Eugene, Oregon, is perfect for swimming


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